Worried about your air conditioner being Flood-damaged? 

Since 1988 our licensed professionals have supported the Outer Banks community by inspecting your home's heating and cooling equipment to determine if it can be safely operated or if a replacement is recommended.


3 things you need to know about Hurricane Inspections for your HVAC System

  • Disconnect - Any unit that has been partially or completely submerged in water should be disconnected from its power supply (electric, gas or oil) as soon as possible.

  • Inspect - Each unit should be inspected by a licensed professional to evaluate any damage.  Ductwork should also be inspected, as it may need to be cleaned, decontaminated and/or replaced.

  • Replace - Flooding, or partial to full submersion of equipment can damage safety features within the unit and controls.

Note that HVAC equipment subject to Immersion by flood-water compromises the operational components of the equipment and voids the manufacture's warranty.

For more information, please visit the AHRI website: 


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