Sea Salt Removal

Did you know that salt not only leads to corrosion,  but also acts as an insulator.  Your air conditioner operates by transferring hot air to the outside.  This necessary process is significantly hampered by the presence of salt on the air conditioning coils, which naturally occurs along the coastline.  The salt forms a barrier on the coils of the outside unit, reducing the amount of heat that is transferred, causing the conditioned air that cools your home, to rise in temperature.  This results in your unithaving to run longer to cool your home, leading to higher energy bills and creating excessive wear on your AC unit, due to increased run time. 

It's simple, if you remove the salt from  your air conditioner, it  will run better, longer!.

The benefits of salt removal can be felt instantly!  Removing the salt from the outside unit will allow the temperature of the conditional air (the air that comes out of the vents inside your home), to be cooler,enabling the unit to run less and save energy.  Another benefit of salt removal can be seen by the reduction of corrosion to the unit, therefore dramatically increasing the life of your coastal air conditioner.




  • improves warranty coverage
  • increases life expectancy of your AC unit
  • Saves on energy cost by increasing efficiency
  • non-toxic, biodegradable, safe  & effective at removing salt
  • the only product proven to remove salt from coils
  • affordable monthly applications